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2020 Office Supplies Catalog

Your comprehensive resource for all things office supplies. Our School Specialty Office Supplies catalog provides an exceptional selection of products for all of your business, classroom and home office needs.

2020 Learning Environments Furniture & Equipment Catalog

Dynamic learning needs dynamic spaces. To help create them, our team of experts are constantly innovating new solutions. Our comprehensive selection of seating, tables, storage, equipment and more are affordably priced, to help put your most imaginative aspirations in reach.

2020 Arts & Crafts Catalog

Every student’s potential for creativity is boundless. To help ensure they’re never limited by lack of inspiration or supplies, count on Sax® for everything from acrylics to ceramics. We make it easy to find and order. And price it for accessibility. Because we believe the most important thing you can give an art student is a chance.

2020 Supplemental Curriculum Catalog

We believe every child has the capacity to break through to success, in school and in life. That’s why School Specialty offers supplemental curriculum materials that measurably help all students, from nonreaders and struggling students to grade-level achievers and accelerated performers. Throughout this catalog, you’ll find research-based solutions for every student in your care. It’s why you can count on us to help all the young minds who count on you.